Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Industrial Style Ceiling Fan Makeover

I happened into a Habitat for Humanity ReStore today while out running errands. I love to browse the aisles and always seem to find something I didn't even know I needed. Today I picked up some burlap ribbon, an old vintage scale and three light bulb cages for a whopping $3. Those are the type of deals that keep my thrift store loving obsession ALIVE.

I have been slowly revamping my two year old son's room. (He never really had a "nursery" per say, it was always more of a little boy's room. I figured why decorate with cute, sweet nursery things to only change it a year later when he would surely look at me like "WTH Mom?!". Nevertheless I still MELT at seeing those adorable nurseries and secretly curse my inner sensibilities). There were a few things in the room I KNEW needed updating like his wall color, the mismatched wall decor and his rocking chair but I never really thought about his ceiling fan. I mean it was black and simple and fine. That was until I walked into the ReStore and saw those light bulb cages and immediately thought the fan needed them. They were calling my name. They were only 50 cents. There were only 3. Most definitely a sign. I came home and got to work:

You will need to bend the opening of the cage with some needle nose pliers so that it is circular and will fit into the ceiling fan like this:
It doesn't have to be perfect (you won't see it) just more round 
Pop those into the ceiling fan and tighten the little screws. Put in light bulbs and enjoy! That was easy right!?

Tip:You might want a lower wattage bulb in soft white since there are no shades



A five minute update that totally changed the feel of the fan. I think the hardest part was figuring out how the light bulb was supposed to go into the cage. I felt like an IDIOT when I realized the top of the cage opened up. Here's a picture of it open just in case there are fellow idiots out there like me :)

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