Tuesday, June 23, 2015

IKEA Hultet Dish Makeover

I feel like everyone who has ever gone to IKEA has purchased this dish...I mean it's $6 bucks and has tons of uses if you actually use it.  I bought mine probably 8 years ago. I kept up with it for all this time because I knew someday I'd do something with it. In the meantime I've displayed it as-is but as the style in my home began to change I realized it sort of didn't "go" with anything.

One day while the kid was napping I came across this blog post about hand painting a Moroccan inspired stencil on your walls. I loved the idea but considering I had like 30 more minutes of peace and quite, if I was lucky, I highly doubted I'd be able to accomplish a whole wall so I settled for my dusty old IKEA dish instead!

I painted the entire thing with a Behr sample paint I had picked up on the Home Depot's clearance rack. Once it was dry I went back with a light beige metallic color and traced the stencil.

I had an "oops" that I will share so if you attempt this you won't do a repeat. Originally when I started stenciling I began on the left side and worked my way to the right. But because the dish is curved the pattern started looking REALLY wonky. It was too wonky to live with so unfortunately I had to paint the whole plate grey again and start over. This time I started tracing from the center out and it was muuuch better. There are still areas where it's a teeny bit off but I think that just makes it look even more handmade and custom? Ya, we'll go with that.

Here's the paint I used called "Metallic Champagne" by FolkArt:

Here is the stencil I used from Jones Design Company:


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