Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Trashed Toolbox Treasure

Several months ago I spotted a neighbor of mine putting a set of these toolboxes on the curb on trash day.

I immediately transformed into a stealthy ninja peeking out my window trying to figure out how I could nab these up without seeming like THAT neighbor that digs through peoples garbage. EWW! But after a few minutes with no good ideas on how I could magically turn invisible, I yanked off my ninja mask and walked over and leisurely grabbed them as if they were mine all along. Oh what the heck! HE'S THE ONE THAT THREW THEM AWAY! 

They were in excellent condition and showed no real signs of use besides the names (of his kids I presume) scribbled on the handles with green marker. (Thanks Mason and Wyatt!) I wasn't exactly sure what I could do with them at the time but figured something would cross my mind one day. They sat in my garage for nearly 6 months until two days ago when an idea finally came to the surface. I will admit this isn't MY original idea or anything. I've seen toolboxes re-purposed into a TON of different, awesome things but I wanted to share how mine came out none the less!

I didn't mean to take off the sides and handles it was sort of an OOPS moment but I like the way it turned out regardless. With the other one I think I'll swap out the handle for rope and use it as storage somewhere in the house!

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