Thursday, September 17, 2015

Quick Reclaimed Wood Planter Box!

Summer is coming to a close and before we know it Fall will be in full swing! I revamped my mini porch to ring in the new season with a newly spray painted white rocking chair, some pretty topiary's and some beautiful yellow and gold mums! I love how they brighten up the porch, don't you? 

The mum's came in a flimsy black plastic container, and I had no pots to transplant them to so  I decided I would make my new flower's a pretty little box out of reclaimed fence pickets. This was so super quick I can't even believe it! I think the whole thing took me all of 10 minutes MAX.

Using the pot as my guide I measured how big my boxes needed to be. For my 10 quart flower pot I cut my 5.5" wide fence pickets to the following sizes:

(2) 7-7/8" boards
(2) 9 inch boards

I sanded all the edges after the cuts were made so there weren't any splinters. I then assembled the boxes by nailing the longer boards on the "outside" and the smaller boards on the "inside". Like this:
Finally I took some white acrylic craft paint and "dry-brushed" them lightly to give them a bleached wood look...and DONE!
I'm waiting to purchase a few more things to make this porch complete and then I'll take a full picture!

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